Retail and Horeca

Retail and Horeca

"Retailing Our Product from Coffee Beans to Coffee Machines"

In order to execute all the fundamentals necessary to be successful in the coffee business, Coffindo stays in a constant mode of learning and self -development in moving to another coffee direction of retail market.

Coffee retailing is one of the fastest-growing businesses in coffee industry. However, the competition is huge and even global. Bringing our game to the next level, we are entering coffee retailing with the aim to seize niche market opportunities. Up to this day, we already have had around 1,466 outlets across Indonesia. Planning to move forward, in 2014 we enter the market by providing 4 main retail products.

Coffindo has managed the substantial amount of knowledge and expertise to be applied in retail improvement programs, thus establishing ourself as one of the reliable key players in coffee retail supplying to Hotel Restaurant Café (HORECA) segment and modern market.



"One Service as Your Coffee Solution"

As the quality of our coffee beans has been accepted worldwide, we are supplying roasted and ground coffee to certain Indonesian premium coffee brands. We also manufacture high quality coffee drinks for other brands, seizing opportunities to introduce our coffee to a wider range of consumers.


Cafe Chain

Our newest venture, Coffindo’s cafe chain, aims to widen horizon of coffee lovers in Indonesia. Serving many varieties of the country’s finest, we bring Indonesian coffee to another level, by treating our coffee with the same respect and appreciation as imported ones.


"Beyond the Expertise in Coffee"

Hotel, Restaurant and café (HORECA) are one of the fastest growing sectors in Indonesia. Driven by growth of middle to upper class in society, new coffee shops and restaurants are being spread-opened by aspiring entrepreneurs, and much more people are appreciating good coffee in public foodie places.

Complementing our expertise in providing coffee beans, we also supply various coffee machines to support hotel, restaurant and café. This HORECA segment is included in our retail activities and the coffee machine support evolves as the part of our main business.

We offer you with various package options of our coffee machines. Start from Toper Coffee Roaster (gas and electric) to the espresso machines, such as, Gino (single and double), and up to Venusta vending machine that could process a tasteful ready to drink coffee in many variant. We also have smaller espresso machine such as Saeco Royal that also could process a ready to drink coffee. Other coffee equipments such as Hario Syphone and Coffee Grinder Latina are also ready to complete your coffee experience.

Please visit our product section for the complete view, and for further information please contact our marketing in machine department at roaster@coffindo.com