Trading and Processing

Processing Plant

"Processing Towards the Finest Quality Coffee"

The processing of our coffee beans takes place in modern plants and upholds international standards of quality. However, we rather combine traditional methods with advanced technologies while catering to the global market, to sustain the distinctive characteristics of Indonesia’s finest coffee.

Traditionally, Sumateran coffee is processed with the wet hulling method (giling basah). Here, parchment of skin is removed (hulled) while the beans are still moist and resilient (wet). However, recently, the wet hulling process has been refined with better fruit selection and processing, more precise timing of hulling, more careful drying practices, and better handling and shipping of finished coffee.

Coffindo’s processing is subject to rigorous control, in accordance to the US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) and other international standards. Our coffee beans are hulled with the wet hulled method, sun-dried twice, screened with Sutton and Sieve machines, and then manually and carefully sorted before packed in jute bags and stored in special warehouses.



"Export to 30 Countries Around the Globe, and Still Counting"

Growing within the changing landscape of the global coffee industry, Coffindo has been developing our export business by widening our assortment of coffee varieties, ranging from the finest Arabica coffees of Sumatra, to those of Java, Bali, Flores, Sulawesi, and Papua, as well as Robusta coffee from Sumatera.

While satisfying demands for wider choices, we have also increased our level of services. The result is that our customer base has been growing continuously, reaching today to more than 9,000 buyers in around 30 countries all around the world, providing a considerable presence in, among others, the USA, Europe, Asia, Middle East and Australia.

Still, we continue to look for opportunities to further enhance our business in export. We pay attention to the current situation of International standard of coffee quality. Our export activities are executed by appropriate assistance in planning and selling. We innovate and implement our service with the goal of becoming one stop solution for Indonesian coffee and being the finest Indonesia coffee source.



"Continuing Trading as our Roots"

We implement highly ethical standards of commerce throughout our trading activities, with principles of fairness, transparency, accountability, and sustainability being upheld.

From the west of Indonesia, we source the varieties of Aceh Gayo, Sumatra, Mandheling, Lintong, Sidikalang, Lampung, and Java Preanger.

In the central part of Indonesia, we are sourcing Balinese coffee; while in the eastern part we source Sulawesi Toraja, Sulawesi Kalosi, and Flores coffee.

We keep continuing trading activity as our company’s business root. Based on our principles of trading, we will keep on striving to select and source coffee beans that are grown in sustainable plantations all across Indonesia.