Coffee Plantation

"The Largest Coffee Plantation Owned By a Private Sector"

In order to maintain the sustainability of our supply chain, we have developed 3,412 hectare of coffee plantation in Pakpak Bharat, North Sumatra.

Coffindo Plantation is a lush mountainous area with an altitude of 1,100 - 1,300 m above sea level. Fertile areas and the cold caused by the eruption of Mount Merapi which formed Lake Toba. This plantation is located in a very strategic area, due it is flanked by two famous Arabica coffee producing areas; Takengon (Gayo) and Sidikalang (Mandheling). Volcanic soil is very fertile because it contains high nutrients when a volcano erupts.

Here we have been implementing tree rejuvenation, replanting, and sustainable farming practices, while maintaining excellent relationship with the neighboring communities.

The plantation itself is, so far, the largest plantation that ever owned by a private sector in Indonesia. Developing the plantation is another step as our endeavor to become the finest Indonesia coffee source.